Programme 2018   (or where not to be to ensure you miss us )   


Mon 1st 13.00 - close The White Hart. Moneyrow Green. SL6 2ND. With guest teams :-    Three Horseshoes
 & Towersey Morris with their too good to be missed topical Mummer's play
Sat 14th 11.00 - 14.00 Tęppa's Charity Dance. Maidenhead Town Centre
Sun 22nd  Day of dance Oxford Folk Dance. Oxford Town Centre
Mon 23rd 20.00 - close The Britannia. Marlow. SL7 1HL. With guest team :- Datchet Border Morris (tbc)
Tues 15th 20.00 - close The Bridge House. Paley Street. SL6 3JS. (tbc) With guest team :- OBJ
Sat 19th Day of Dance Winchester Mayfest. Winchester Town Centre.
Thur 24th 22.00 - close The Cricketers. Littlewick Green. SL6 3RA. (tbc)  Guests of  :- HuMP
2nd - 3rd Day of Dance Wessex Folk Festival. The Harbour Area Weymouth Dorset.
Tues 12th 20.00 (tbc) The Crown. Swallowfield. RG7 1QY. Guests of Basingclog
Tues 19th 20.00 - close The Marlow Donkey. Marlow. SL7 1NW. With guests :- Armaleggan (tbc)
Tues 26th 20.00 - close The Bounty. Bourne End SL8 5RG. With guests :- Ellington
Sat 30th Day of Dance Kennet Morris Day of Dance. Around central Reading
Tues 3rd 20.00 - close The White Hart. Moneyrow Green. SL6 2ND.  With guests :- Fleet Morris
Sat 7th (tbc) Day of Dance Abingdon Day of Dance. Around central Abingdon.
Tues 10th 22.00 - close  (tbc)
Sat 14th Day of Dance Victory Day of Dance. Portsmouth.
Tues 31st time tbc Henley-on-Thames town square. Guests of :- OBJ
Sat 15th Day of Dance Greensleeves Morris Men's "South Bank" Walking Tour. London
Sat 6th Day of Dance Tęppa's Day of Dance. Windsor. With guest teams :- (tbc)
20.00 - 22.00 Taster Sessions every Tuesday Evening - Come and give Morris a try. We will teach you
the dances, or play along with the band. Keep fit, have fun and make new friends.

For information, ask a member or our website.

JANUARY 2019 Where will we be ?

Please note whilst this list is published in good faith Tęppa's reserves the right to change without notice any item, should the need arise